Memorable Moments in Animation: Shorts, 10’s, 20’s and 30’s

This blog post will cover many of the shorts and cartoons that I remember and recognize for their influence from the 10’s, 20’s and 30’s. This includes shorts from Silly Symphonies (1929-1939) and Merrie Melodies (1931-1969), the two most influential cartoon series of that time. Again, if there are any that you think should be listed here, tell meContinue reading “Memorable Moments in Animation: Shorts, 10’s, 20’s and 30’s”

The Art of Animation

I can’t think of anyone that watches, analyzes and loves as many types of movies as I do, or more specifically animated films and shorts. I often rant to my family members about the beauty of animation and how dissatisfied I am with people’s lackluster opinions of it.  It is part of my search for truthContinue reading “The Art of Animation”