What Have I Been Up To? April 2023

I’ve been stuck lately because of the end of the school year. So much has happened and I am more than happy to greet summer break with open arms. That aside, I do want to go over some of the things I’ve been watching and reading. I started this post back in May, but gotContinue reading “What Have I Been Up To? April 2023”

Mindful Living: Month of Shaolin Exercises and Meditation

Normally, I practice Ashtanga yoga on a regular basis. I love the idea of training the body and the mind together and developing healthy habits to improve my spirituality. I’ve never been one to like running on treadmills or doing exercises that do little more than make me sweat. Sadly, these past few months haveContinue reading “Mindful Living: Month of Shaolin Exercises and Meditation”

Journal Prompt 4/22/23 I was in a traffic accident.

How do I handle guilt and shame after a traumatic event? Two days ago, I was in a traffic accident on my way to get daikon radishes after a massage. I realized something for the first time, traumatic events come without warning. After the initial impact a million and one thoughts flew through my head:Continue reading “Journal Prompt 4/22/23 I was in a traffic accident.”