The Winternight Trilogy (2017-2019), 3/4

Rather than criticize things I watch and read, I want to reflect and write about my overall experiences with them using a system I’ve adopted over the years. The questions I usually ask myself are these: What did I learn? How did I feel? How did it enlighten my mind? If you are interested inContinue reading “The Winternight Trilogy (2017-2019), 3/4”

Book Review: The Lantern’s Ember (2018)

(Mmmmm, look at that beautiful Halloween inspired cover.) “In my experience,” the lantern began, his voice soft, ” places liked the oceans or the heavens, an undiscovered forest, a great underground chasm, or the mystery of a woman’s heart and mind are not the end of the journey but the beginning. Do not let yourContinue reading “Book Review: The Lantern’s Ember (2018)”