Exploring Art, November 2022

Because of all the crazy stuff going on at school, I wanted to do another art post for my mental health. Although I’m posting this in December, most of these artworks are my favorites from November. I thought I didn’t find that many good artworks lately, but apparently I was wrong. I should never underestimateContinue reading “Exploring Art, November 2022”

Exploring Art September 2022

I’ve been CRAZY busy these last few months. I thought it wouldn’t be too beneficial to actually do personal writing like I used to. Seeing as . . . I’m constantly writing lessons and researching. But past me was wrong! I need an outlet. So here I am. 🙂 Lately, I’ve been hyper focusing onContinue reading “Exploring Art September 2022”

Seeing a Man Better: Loving Vincent (2017), 4/4

Starry, starry nightPaint your palette blue and greyLook out on a summer’s dayWith eyes that know the darkness in my soulShadows on the hillsSketch the trees and the daffodilsCatch the breeze and the winter chillsIn colors on the snowy linen land Now I understandWhat you tried to say to meAnd how you suffered for yourContinue reading “Seeing a Man Better: Loving Vincent (2017), 4/4”

Mediation among the fallen leaves- The ethereal artwork of Chie Yoshii

Here is another shout out to an amazing artist I found. I believe her works well qualify for the overall feeling which permeates the fall season. Artist Chie Yoshii was born in Japan in 1974 and earned her BFA at Massachusetts College of Art in 2000. Galleries around the world like the URBAN NATION Museum have featuredContinue reading “Mediation among the fallen leaves- The ethereal artwork of Chie Yoshii”