Month of Art: Day 16 Works by Jung Shan Ink

Jung Shan Ink 4

(Thank you once again Musetouch Magazine!) Finally, I found an artist outside of Europe and Japan that I like. Jung Shan comes from Taiwan and works as a general office clerk for a technology company. She does a variety of illustrations, combining Chinese watercolor styles and Western drawing techniques. She has also traveled throughout the world to countries like Spain, German, France, Poland, the UK and China. I find her quite interesting because she loves the idea of taking an ancient tradition and giving it a modern flare. She has no qualms about using digital tools to modify her works. If you are interested in reading an interview with the artist you can look up this link—–> JAPAN CINEMA.

Traditional Chinese watercolor painting starts with a brush dipped in black or colored ink which an artist uses on silk or parchment. The two most common types are Gong-bi, with intense meticulous details, and Ink and wash painting, which is literally a freehand style.

001 002 007

Back to the artist. Most of her works are in black and white and feature samurai or lovers. She has done some works for Western audiences including The Hobbit but, from what I can see, tends to focus on Japanese or Chinese historical figures.

Her artworks have an otherworldly quality to them. Gentle and serene like images caught in still water, it is refreshing to see an artist with such a meticulous art style who does not mind enhancing its images through digital means. (Hayao Miyazaki also employs various touches of digital enhancing in films like Howl’s moving Castle (2004) and Spirited Away (2001) ). Usually I do not like digital art but in Jung Shan’s case it is important to remember that such techniques are only meant only to improve the artwork already done.

alan lee alan_lee_cal2007_08(Both of these are artworks done by Alan Lee for Lord of the Rings.)

Also, those she paints look so realistic. They have a otherworldly touch to their features. She uses such graceful lines and subtle hints of color. Her style reminds me somewhat of Alan Lee who has done many illustrations for Lord of the Rings and other Fantasy works. (I will do a whole post on him later.)

Overall, her works are touching and a beautiful testament to Eastern art styles. I will post a myriad of them below. Feel free to visit her blog JUNGSHAN INK.

1summer_snow_by_jungshan1 spotlight1711 remember_my_shape_by_jungshan1 jules-1024x7241 fly_by_jungshan-d3c9espJungshan Ink1Jungshan Ink 3Jungshan Ink 2Jung Shan Ink 6Jung Shan Ink 50420_jung2 



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