Snow-white and the Seven Dwarfs Review: Is Snow white really Disney’s weakest princess?

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For those interested, I rated this movie based on different levels personal experience. It is based on a system I learned in college. If you are interested in learning more, check out my post! (Click HERE)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (1937) was Walt Disney’s first-ever full-length animated film and it skyrocketed Walt Disney Studio’s future projects. The Library of Congress preserved it as a “ culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant” film in 1989, and even now, history books recognize how much it contributed to the film industry. At the time, audiences and critics praised it as one of the greatest stories to ever hit the widescreen. Despite many flaws or inconsistencies in its characters or animation, Snow White has aged remarkably well.  

I was excited to rewatch this movie. The last time I did was about five years ago with my brothers. It was cute to see their reactions in their plucky teenage years, but it was also a wonderful experience for me. After seeing it again, I concluded Snow White is a wonderfully charming movie. 

I learned a lot from paying attention to small details and watching the characters. I gained a new respect for Snow White as a character during this last viewing and marveled at how music and character animation blended to create meaningful sequences. The setting was quite beautiful, especially in how animators drew and portrayed water. Also, this movie has excellent pacing.

Many people criticize Snow White as Disney’s most boring princess. I wonder why. Perhaps we spend too much time trying to be politically correct about the wardrobe, setting, age, and appeal of Snow White and her surroundings. Perhaps, we have forgotten the simple appeal of a gentle, innocent person facing her circumstances with positivity.

That is why my recent experience was so lovely. I liked Snow White because she was kind even when treated unkindly by others. She was able to have a moment of human weakness. That is a powerful lesson for adults and children alike. Her fears overcame her, but she pulled herself out of her despair and tried to find a solution. She was a leader and brought others together to do much good. In fact, when she finds the dwarves’ dirty house, her first response was to help those who lived there by cleaning it for them.

Compassion and gentleness, coupled with hard work and perseverance, are wonderful qualities to have. Snow White definitely exonerated these traits. Critics also condemn her desire to meet her Prince and marry him. Her wish, to be reunited with the Prince she loved, was a simple dream. However, there is nothing wrong with longing for love and security.

I also really loved the dwarves. Every scene with them made me so happy. 

The queen’s end also intrigued me. The one line I thought of when she fell to her demise was, “Evil, however powerful it seemed, could be undone by its own appetite.” (The Thief of Always, Clive Barker) She and Snow White were diametric opposites of each other. The queen represented vanity, cruelty, ruthlessness, and raw physical power. Snow White represented humility, kindness, compassion, and innocence. When asked who was the fairest, the mirror answered Snow White, whose virtue could not be tarnished even by servitude. True beauty is found within.

Lastly, the music was so lovely and fun! I have been humming the songs for the last two days and can’t seem to get them out of my head. 

I really did enjoy my latest experience with this film and glad Disney decided, despite criticism and doubt on all sides, to release this movie. I am grateful to the artists, writers and creators who worked so hard to give us this movie. 

Rating: 3/4

With a smile and a song
Life is just a bright sunny day
Your cares fade away
And your heart is youngWith a smile and a song
All the world seems to waken anew
Rejoicing with you
As the song is sungThere’s no use in grumbling
When the raindrops come tumbling
Remember, you’re the one
Who can fill the world with sunshineWhen you smile and you sing
Everything is in tune and it’s spring
And life flows along
With a smile and a song– lyrics by Adrianna Caselotti


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