Mindful Living: The Ukrainian Conflict — So Many Thoughts

Image via Higher Self Yoga My thoughts are a muddled mess right now. However, I want to write this post so I can let people know what I feel and am thinking about right now concerning the Ukrainian conflict. War affects everyone differently. For me, I’ve become more and more withdrawn trying to deal with […]Continue reading “Mindful Living: The Ukrainian Conflict — So Many Thoughts”

The Winternight Trilogy (2017-2019), 3/4

Rather than criticize things I watch and read, I want to reflect and write about my overall experiences with them using a system I’ve adopted over the years. The questions I usually ask myself are these: What did I learn? How did I feel? How did it enlighten my mind? If you are interested inContinue reading “The Winternight Trilogy (2017-2019), 3/4”

My Mission Experiences: Being called to serve!

(Church Building in Krasnadar, Russia) As many know, I lived a year and a half in Southern Russia while serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was an incredible experience for me that seems impossible to really describe. I look back now on where I was before, howContinue reading “My Mission Experiences: Being called to serve!”