The Thief and the Cobbler (1993?) An Unfinished Masterpiece

There has been an exciting new development for this film! Read on!

From the Perspective of an Old Soul

AaaaUPDATE!: There will be a re showing of The Thief and the Cobbler later this year! I don’t know if it will be limited or a wide release (Hopefully it won’t be another The Wind Rises experience) but at least someone has finally finished and remastered this film.

AaaThis is one of the hardest reviews that I will ever write. Since I was young, this has been my family’s movie (we can quote it from beginning to end). It has brought a lot of joy and laughs for us, but as much as I love what this movie has meant to me throughout my life I can’t ignore what this film could have become and its tragic history. Recently a documentary called Persistence of Vision was released in 2012 which told the story of the long, almost 30- year production of this film and how its director,  Richard Williams

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