My Favorite Anime/Manga Characters 20-11

Welcome once again as I continue forward with my nerdy list! Just like the other lists, I’ll talk about more of my favorite anime/manga characters. So far, it’s been an interesting journey. As always, feel free to click the provided links for the manga and anime I have listed. Also, I have two number 11’s.Continue reading “My Favorite Anime/Manga Characters 20-11”

My Favorite Anime/Manga Characters 40-31

I’m legitimately surprised how popular my first list was. Apparently you all desperately want to know who my favorite anime/manga characters are. If you would like some background for these characters, I’ve left links and the name of their prospective mangas/anime. I’ll be the first to admit some of my choices are obscure. That aside,Continue reading “My Favorite Anime/Manga Characters 40-31”

My Favorite Anime/Manga Characters 50-41

Hello to all! The other day, I found myself re-watching a show I started maybe. . . 10 years ago Hunter X Hunter. Lo and behold, I came across a lot of nostalgic characters, some who I now find annoying like . . . half the side characters and some who I find myself likingContinue reading “My Favorite Anime/Manga Characters 50-41”

Rod Dreher on how Christians should navigate growing cultural hostility – Deseret News This article helped me ponder my place as a traditional Christian believer. It also made me wonder about the difference between living for a life devoid of suffering and enduring suffering for the sake of growing spiritually.