I’m back! …Sort Of

Well, the title is rather misleading, as this is not the original author writing. I am the illustrious sister “Jessica” that my sister mentions every once in a while in her posts. Upon talking with my sister, I have taken it upon myself to act as a place holder until she returns from Russia. She was not too thrilled about leaving her blog untended while she is away. Isn’t it nice of me to allay her concerns?

All joking aside, she and I bounce ideas off one another so often, that I am probably one of the few individuals who actually know the direction she was planning for this blog. I have the benefit of hearing all her ideas before they are even written down. I hope that I can do it justice. I am not a student of history the way she is, and neither am I as obsessive about film and animation. My love is more grounded in books. I confess that there will probably be more things on the blog about the written word rather than film.

That is not to say that she is not a great lover of books, (You should see her book shelves sometime…) Really, with the minor difference in emphasis, the two of us are eerily similar. I will do my best to be well-rounded, and include things out of my comfort zone, including art and film. Just do not be too disappointed if I cannot achieve the level of depth in those areas that my sister would.

Also, I am open to new ideas, so feel free to comment. If there is anything that you, the readers, would like me to write about concerning the arts, let me know.


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