Introspection: Review of web comic Space Boy

(This is a promotional poster for Stephen McCrainie’s Space Boy. Feel free to check it out at his online store!) This is a rather unconventional review for me. I don’t usually accredit myself as an avid comic follower unless you count maybe twenty manga I still read. But on a whim, after seeing so manyContinue reading “Introspection: Review of web comic Space Boy”

Mediation among the fallen leaves- The ethereal artwork of Chie Yoshii

Here is another shout out to an amazing artist I found. I believe her works well qualify for the overall feeling which permeates the fall season. Artist Chie Yoshii was born in Japan in 1974 and earned her BFA at Massachusetts College of Art in 2000. Galleries around the world like the URBAN NATION Museum have featuredContinue reading “Mediation among the fallen leaves- The ethereal artwork of Chie Yoshii”

Review: The Ring (2002) 1/4

This will probably be one of the shortest reviews I ever do because I don’t want to dwell on this movie or its story too long. Honestly, pondering stories such as this one leaves a terrible scar on the mind. And I don’t need that. The buildup for this story was interesting. There was lotsContinue reading “Review: The Ring (2002) 1/4”