Exploring Art, November 2022

Because of all the crazy stuff going on at school, I wanted to do another art post for my mental health. Although I’m posting this in December, most of these artworks are my favorites from November. I thought I didn’t find that many good artworks lately, but apparently I was wrong. I should never underestimateContinue reading “Exploring Art, November 2022”

Exploring Art September 2022

I’ve been CRAZY busy these last few months. I thought it wouldn’t be too beneficial to actually do personal writing like I used to. Seeing as . . . I’m constantly writing lessons and researching. But past me was wrong! I need an outlet. So here I am. 🙂 Lately, I’ve been hyper focusing onContinue reading “Exploring Art September 2022”

The Man Who Laughs (1928): Echoes From German Expressionism

Based on Victor Hugo‘s 1889 novel L’Homme qui rit (1889), The Man Who Laughs is an American silent film directed by German Expressionist filmmaker Paul Leni during the transition between silent films and “talkies” (films with sound). I became interested in this film after I read a review by Roger Ebert, who portrayed it as “a melodrama, at times even aContinue reading “The Man Who Laughs (1928): Echoes From German Expressionism”

The Big Ten, Part 2: Look, creating a film’s mood and aesthetic

In this article, I will explain how style, backgrounds, and character designs create the look of any given animated film. Vision, the design or style to match the story Once animators have a story in mind, it is pivotal to strive for a particular artistic style or VISION to tell it well. Ralph Bakshi, whoContinue reading “The Big Ten, Part 2: Look, creating a film’s mood and aesthetic”