Fantasy Oil Painting, Art by Michael C. Hayes

Away from the digital art for a change, I came across Michael C. Hayes’s oil paintings and thought he had some interesting artworks. Granted, many of them I thought had a lot of fan service, but I did find some hidden gems despite his obvious fanboy-dom. Many of them, like the pictures above and below,Continue reading “Fantasy Oil Painting, Art by Michael C. Hayes”

Len Tan, Art of Contemplation

Len Tan, otherwise penned as Magdalena Pagowska, is from Warsaw, Poland and is a digital concept artist. Beyond that, like always, I know very little. I am tempted as I look at their art pieces to wonder how they view life. Sometimes like in “The Dark Side of the Moon” I just sat in aweContinue reading “Len Tan, Art of Contemplation”

Angel Ganev and Pencil Art

Though I didn’t like everything he drew, I thought these drawings using pencil and lighting was very intriguing. It gave his drawings a depth. It reminded me of the animator Glen Keane’s pencil drawings from his short Duet. If you are interested in seeing more of their work check out their DEVIAN ART account.

Art by Re°, Using Light Beautifully

I thought this artist was rather unique. Their works are very soft and full of light. It is also very interesting to note that all the subjects in their art pieces are male. Through every picture I just feel myself wondering what the portrayed subjects are thinking and what the artist’s motivation was. All inContinue reading “Art by Re°, Using Light Beautifully”

Art from Elk64, Fantasy Worlds Given New Vision

What I like about this artist is their use of vibrant hughes of orange, red and yellow in contrast to the more subtle tones of blue, white and green. I also enjoy their play on animals, humans and nature. All in all, be sure to check out Elk64’s page on DEVIAN ART.