Yoga Inspiration: Focus On Where You Are — So Many Thoughts

Watercolor by Benjavisa Ruangvaree Today as I did my morning yoga practice, reflecting on the big changes and decisions I’ve been facing, I wondered where it is I need to go. For the past year, I’ve speculated this. Other smaller questions like “What career should I pursue?” or “What talents are worth exploring?” have […]

Yoga Inspiration: Focus On Where You Are — So Many Thoughts

I’ve had a lot of thoughts whirling around my head the past few days. Thankfully, I can practice yoga to sort them out. Click the link above to read more! Thanks for your support.


  1. I loved reading your story. Our daughter followed a similar path to finding her yoga passion and art as well. She studied in Bali and is in her own happy world when teaching yoga. When I do yoga with her she offers and encourages modifications for all my middle age issues with knees and wrists and hands that I’d never been told in past class experiences. What a change that makes. Without feeling self conscious. I look forward to following your yoga and life adventures. Inspiration is a wonderful thing to be.

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