Exploring Art, November 2022

Because of all the crazy stuff going on at school, I wanted to do another art post for my mental health. Although I’m posting this in December, most of these artworks are my favorites from November.

I thought I didn’t find that many good artworks lately, but apparently I was wrong. I should never underestimate my ability to mindlessly collect art on Pinterest.

Frivolities aside, I hope you enjoy exploring these artworks! If you like any of them, please explore the links I left below each art piece. Starving artists will thank you.

My brain has been mush lately, so my commentary will be limited. (you can thank high school finals for this. )

‘Flower Garden‘ by Mon

25. “Flower Garden” by Mon

What caught my attention was its use of shapes and black canvas. Usually, when I think of flower gardens it’s surrounded by light and more striking colors. This art piece doesn’t do that. It feels somewhat empty.

That’s what makes it intriguing for me. It brings up a lot of questions that hook me into a potential story.


24. ??? (I’ll call it Birthing a Sun)

Sorry I couldn’t find any information about this artwork. It is visually breathtaking and altogether mysterious. I think the music for Interstellar could work as background for this beautiful work.

I wonder if this is a version of a “God” figure creating a sun or even a galaxy. The colors enveloping the black space really appeal to me as well as the bubble-like sheen on the hands and body.

23. “Merchant and the Alchemist’s Gate” by Krusier

So, Krusier is a fun find I had not too long ago. If I remember, I’ll explore some of their artwork as a new study. What I like so far bout their art is there is always a story behind them. There is also movement and purpose in the design.

When I saw this piece for the first time, I immediately thought about the anime Magi. It has an Arabian-like feel or maybe even an old world pagan quality to it.

I’ve always loved the idea of “seeing” time so this artwork filled in that nerdy void inside me.

Castle in the Sky by Applyblossom

22. “Castle in the Sky” by Appleblossom

The background in this artwork reminds me of the concept art for Disney’s Cinderella by Mary Blair. From the sparkles to the unfinished sheen on the castle it breathes fairytale wonder.

I also appreciate how symmetrical it is like it could possibly pop out of an old fairytale book.

Susaichi by YE

21. Susaichi by Ye

(I think this is the real name of this artwork. I couldn’t find anything else.) I’ve been reading a lot of Manga and Manhua lately. Therefore, I love finding artistic gems like this. I’ve always thought Japanese watercolors have an ethereal feel about them.

When I found this artwork, I actually was thinking about a great book I found this year called “The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea” by Axie Oh and wondered if the main male character would look like this.

‘Art Block by Daniel Connaway

20. “Artblock” by Daniel Connaway

I love the spacing in this painting. When I was younger, I would fantasize about painting in nature and the sky sometimes. When I saw this, I thought about my younger self and if someday that could possibly be reality.

I like the addition of the orange and purple flowers as well, like she’s been slowly going on a journey filling the world’s colors.


19. (I’ll call this “The Tree of Life and Death”)

Sorry, this is another no-name! I couldn’t find any information about it with the links provided on Pinterest. What immediately caught my attention with this artwork is how BIG it feels. When I first saw it it was on my phone but it widened my eyes, and I wondered if it could be a fairytale version of the Tree of Life from Folklore.

I love the flowers and their coloring as well as the subdued colors behind the tree.

Cover illustration for “Lord of the Night Realm – Book II: Reunion”, a book by Senna Byrd

18. Cover Illustration for “Lord of the Night Realm” by Erin Makuo

I’m a sucker for fairytale love story illustrations. It comes from the beautiful binge of fairytale books I read in my mid-teens. If I was sixteen, I would have been all over this book!

What I love about the illustration is the posture of the man and woman. I’m not sure if they’re sleeping, dancing, or about to kiss but it makes me smile. It’s the romantic inside of me to be honest.

The embellishment of flowers around the man and in the woman’s hair is also a beautiful touch.

Illustration by Lady Garland

17. “Dancing” by Lady Garland

This piece looks like a collage of “Beauty and the Beast”, “Twelve Dancing Princesses”, and “The Frog Prince”. If you couldn’t tell from the last artwork, I love fairytale romance paintings. There was actually a subverted version of this artwork but I lost it within the massive sea that is my Pinterest account.

I love how prominent the color BLUE is in the artwork and how it contrasts with the white by the lakeshore. If this was a book, I would totally read it.

“Study 2” by Liz on Twitter

16. “Study 2” by Liz

If you recall from my last artwork post, I love Light and Hand artwork. When I studied artwork a little in middle school, my favorite this to draw was hands.

What I like about this artwork is the lighting on and around the hand, especially in contrast with the dark brown background. I also really like the gridding around the hand in gold-like paint.

15. “Once Upon a December” by Alisvart

If you know me personally (outside the shadows and glimpses you sometimes see on my blog) you’ll know how much I love the animated movie, Anastasia. So, I love this artwork. Period.

In all seriousness, I love how BRIGHT this piece feels, like the song it’s named after. Whoever wants to promote this film in the future should consider getting this artist for it. They captured the movie’s essence masterfully.

Igor Stravinsky’s Firebird‘ by Victo Ngai

14. “Igor Stravinsky’s Firebird” by Victor Ngai

Colors. I love the colors Ngai chose for this piece. I’m a big fan of anything orange, and in the case of this fairytale, I’d say it’s a prominent must-have.

This really feels like a Russian fairytale promotional poster and I appreciate it. I also think the framing is great! The one thing I’m wondering is why death is pictured at the bottom corner holding a Russian egg.

Reman skyline by danarune

13. “Reman-skyline” by danarune

The only link I could get my hands on was this one for a book character promo. To find the art, you’ll have to do a little more digging.

That aside, I didn’t think I’d enjoy this artwork so much, but I did. I like how it is made almost entirely by silhouettes building off each other. The highlight for me is the young man leaning off of a building steeple.

Carte du ciel by Astro San (?)

12. Carte du ciel by Astro San (?)

Honestly, I’m not sure if this is the true name. The website it led me to was I think for an astrologer? Maybe? Regardless, I loved the artwork and had to feature it.

It reminded me of a game I have on my phone called “Monument Valley”. Like I mentioned in one of the earlier artworks, I love studying the stars and any artwork surrounding them. If I could get on a boat and travel through space, I would live and die a happy soul.

Cover illustration for ‘The Fourth Island’ by Sarah Tolmie, Artist Ravina Cai

11. Cover illustration for “The Fourth Island” by Ravine Cai

This entire book’s premise is about being lost and I can definitely feel it in this beautiful artwork. Ravine Cat is definitely someone I want to study about and do a special post on.

I love how the few colors she chose to feature on the cover work so well together, from the white on the boy and his boat, to the iridescent orange of the island surrounded by a grey sea, I think this artwork is beautiful and timeless.

10. “Sextant” by Max Kneht

Have you ever seen those art books featuring the various Gods in Greek mythology? Most of them I don’t care a wit for, but sometimes some of them like the God of Sleep, Time, or the Hearth stand out to me.

This painting makes me think of a gentle God watching over the world. I love how his shape looks like clouds and how the sunrise flickers around him and on the water.

I also appreciate the gentle elegance of a single white boat on the water.

Reincarnate by Aki

9. “Reincarnate” by Aki

I wanted to find out the story behind this artwork but had little to no success. I believe this is a homage to the late 1910s and 1920s in America. But that’s just me guessing. I’m wondering if the homeless man is still caught up by the war he fought in and has to beg to survive.

His posture and facial expression directly oppose the carefree and ambivalent look of the couple walking down the street. All in all, this is a fantastic character-driven piece.

“The Little Prince” by Krusier

8. “The Little Prince” by Krusier

I didn’t mean to have multiple artworks by Krusier, but here we are. I found this one randomly this morning and had to include it. I LOOOOVE “The Little Prince”, and am in awe of the subtle symbolism in this piece.

If you aren’t familiar with the story, there are multiple shapes like the encased rose, the crown, and even the plane on his staff beckoning back to the original story.

If only there was a sheep then perhaps it would be perfect. 🙂

Poster illustration for Kansas Ballet Company’s production of The Nutcracker by Wylie Beckett

7. Poster illustration for the Kansas Ballet Company’s production of The Nutcracker by Wylie Beckett

Wow, it’s the season for The Nutcracker again! When I saw this beautiful poster I fell in love with the laced dancing girl, and the other wonderful characters in the story.

It’s no secret I love this story, and I am glad someone could capture its timeless magic in a poster.

Pride and Prejudice in Space by Appleblossom

6. “Pride and Prejudice in Space” by Appleblossom

I also didn’t mean to find so many artworks by this artist, but here we are. Before I knew its name, I couldn’t pinpoint what I liked about this painting. Then I found out it was a homage to Pride and Prejudice and it made sense.

I love the overpowering blues and purples in this artwork. Just like the other artwork “Castle in the Sky” there is also several references to the moon which I also enjoy.

The best touch would have to be the small white birds littered across it.

5. “Story of Your Life” by Krusier

Another fantasy of mine is falling into a book. This artwork features some of my favorite aesthetics: hands, shooting light, an illuminated book, and space.

What I like the most about it is how all of these elements weave into each other. Overall, this is a very well-balanced artwork with a beautiful story behind it. If this artist isn’t already, they should become an illustrator.

Heartfire by vtas on DeviantArt

4. “Heartfire” by Vtas

Hurray for wonderful Howl’s Moving Castle artwork! I’m a big fat sucker for any fan art for this movie. This particular artwork practically GLOWS to me. Which makes sense, seeing it’s title and theme.

If you haven’t seen the movie, I won’t spoil it for you. Vtas is great and drawing hands and capturing enduring facial expressions. My favorite part of this portrait is how the flame in Howl’s hands illuminates his face and hands.

3. Book Covers for The Winternight Trilogy, Artists Appleblossom

We meet again Appleblossom! I included all these book covers because I like them individually for the exact same reasons. I love Katherine Arden’s The Winternight Trilogy and these lovely book covers found me at the perfect time!

I love how the colors seem to be surrounding the white space. I also love how the pink, turquoise, and dark blue work with each other.

2. “Princess Mononoke” by Sansa

What a wonderful rendition of Hayao Miyazaki’s animated film Princess Mononoke! If I had never seen this movie before, I would instantly be entranced by the energy and vibrancy in this artwork.

My favorite snapshot is Ashitaka and San looking at each other across the divide between their two worlds. Some say this is not a love story, but I don’t think they could be more wrong. (Thank goodness I have Miyazaki’s art book to clarify it for me!)

Unknown- found via knowmeartumblr.com
  1. Unknown (I’ll call it “Colored Ocean”)

I’m truly sorry I don’t know who made this. I THINK it’s 9Jedit but I can’t be sure. I would hang this on my wall, so it must be 9jedit. I had a friend tell me the ocean in El Salvador is turquoise and beautiful like it’s pictured here.

This painting makes me long to travel and see beautiful places around the world. I wouldn’t mind being alone if it had the peaceful feeling to it this artwork does.

What I love most about this art work, is how it seems I could DRINK up the beauty and color in it.

Thanks for reading/looking to the end! Hope you found something new you can love!


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