The Most Visually Beautiful Animated Films: 10-6

10. Pocahontas, 1995 Heh. . . this is not one of my favorite movies. I find the story, characters and premise dull as toast. Supposedly, this was supposed to be bigger than The Lion King. Unfortunately, it did not have the staying power as a story or a film. Despite my negative opinion of itContinue reading “The Most Visually Beautiful Animated Films: 10-6”

Month of Art: Day 9 The Lament for Icarus, 1898

(The Lament for Icarus 1889, Herbert James Draper) The Victorian painter Herbert James Draper was born 1863 in London, England and most popular at the end of the 19th century. Being a Classicist, he preferred painting scenes from Greek mythology, mostly women in woodland scenes or by the ocean. For this particular painting, he received inContinue reading “Month of Art: Day 9 The Lament for Icarus, 1898”