Month of Art (June 2015)

anne louis girodet de rossey(Anne Louis Girodet de Roussy, ?)

After my post on Anne Bachelier, I started thinking about all the many artists and paintings I admire. This is probably not something you would expect from me, especially  if you read my blog regularly. Usually, all I talk about are movies. Lately, however, I have looked through my numerous art books and become incredibly passionate about art once again. This happens to me all the time. I am incredibly eclectic in what I read, watch, listen to and like so it is very rare to see me stuck on one thing for too long. When my attention is on a particular thing it stays there and I thoroughly analyze it with passionate vigor! That is, until something else catches my attention. 

Soon, like I did for my favorite animated character designs, I will compile a list of my top 25-ish artists. That is going to take awhile so be patient. When I finished my previous post for my Memorable Moments in Animation, I thought of what I could do next and decided art was a fresh choice.

Maleficent Vincet (Vincent Vernacatola, Maleficent 2013)

For thirty days I will also post a different painting, picture or sculpture on my wall in hopes that many will recognize/discover talented artists I particularly admire. As a heads up, I tend to be VERY unconventional. That is just my nature. I never had a problem being swayed by peer pressure or popular opinion. Just because almost everyone says something is great or horrible doesn’t mean I think so! Case example: Frozen (2013), not the BRILLIANT masterpiece everyone says but still an entertaining and refreshing watch.

jacques-louis-david-socrates (Jacques Louis David, Death of Socrates 1787)

Thankfully, I am not like Socrates, who fought against the majority who likewise eventually forced him to drink a hemlock and die. Usually people leave me alone because I know more about the subject at hand/ I am really passive. That said, when I post my choices I hope and pray people don’t get mad or up in arms about what I pick.

(Note: I don’t like the Mona Lisa and don’t understand why it is considered one of the most famous paintings in the world. I like Leonardo de Vinci’s other works more, especially his pencil drawings. Don’t expect me to post it. You already know what it is anyway.)

Some guidelines for my posts: if it is drawn, molded, sculpted, or painted by a human being it is eligible. It does not have to be famous. Pottery is out unfortunately as it can be used for practical purposes. Movies are out as well (Sorry animation) BUT I will consider artists FROM movies as candidates. So Lord of the Rings, Disney concept artists and animators and famous art director’s are options.

If you have any suggestions then post them and I will take a look. For now, look forward to thirty days of brilliant art. My deepest wish is that I introduce you to someone or an art piece you have never heard of before. There is nothing like finding something or seeing something for the first time.

Good luck and thank you for reading!


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