My Favorite Movies: 40-31

The farther along the list I climb, the more I find my taste in films is deeply connected to my childhood and college education. Tomm Moore, creator of The Secret of Kells (2009) and The Song of the Sea (2014), remarked that films he saw as a child shaped him and stayed more readily with himContinue reading “My Favorite Movies: 40-31”

Month of Art: Day 17 Heraclitus 1630

(Heraclitus 1630, Johannes Moreelse) The Baroque Dutch painter Johannes Paulus Moreelse, born 1603, painted after styles from the school of Utrecht Caravaggism. Being a small part of the Dutch Golden Age, his style was obviously influenced by Caravaggio both in its execution and its subject matter. His father, Paulus Moreelse, was also a painter and taught Johannes until his death.Continue reading “Month of Art: Day 17 Heraclitus 1630”

My Favorite Movies: 10-1

There is a small problem with this list. I have no idea what order these movies are in. I just cannot trust myself to put these into a concrete position. If you have followed my blog before, many of the movies you will recognize. For those, I will keep my comments a little shorter andContinue reading “My Favorite Movies: 10-1”

My Favorite Movies: 50-41

A few days ago my curiosity flamed when I saw yet another top movies list. What entertains us defines us, so I thought to myself, what movies define me? Eh. . . Maybe that is a little too philosophical. In all seriousness, I made this list keeping in mind the movies that changed my outlookContinue reading “My Favorite Movies: 50-41”

Month of Art: Day 16 Works by Jung Shan Ink

(Thank you once again Musetouch Magazine!) Finally, I found an artist outside of Europe and Japan that I like. Jung Shan comes from Taiwan and works as a general office clerk for a technology company. She does a variety of illustrations, combining Chinese watercolor styles and Western drawing techniques. She has also traveled throughout theContinue reading “Month of Art: Day 16 Works by Jung Shan Ink”