Month of Art: Day 11 Norman Rockwell, Various images of Fatherhood

From the Perspective of an Old Soul


For today, I decided to host a series of paintings depicting father figures. Since yesterday was Father’s Day, I think this is definitely appropriate. Norman Rockwell is indeed one of the best choices. The overall feel and attitude of his art works focused heavily on the family, love, and patriotism. Sadly, his personal life never truly mirrored the happiness and purity of his work. Truly, he painted what he wished he could have himself and perhaps what all people wish for. Born 1894 in New York City, Rockwell painted for notable magazine The Saturday Evening Post for over fifty years, his most famous works including  Rosie the Riveter (1943) , Saying Grace (1951) and The Problem We All Live With (1964).

All his paintings have followed me throughout my life through family calendars and old magazines. What Rockwell showed through those paintings reflected what I wanted…

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