Month of Art: Day 18, Art of Yuki Urushibara 

    Many apologies for how long it took to write this. My mind has gone in too many directions lately. Yuki Urushibara, born in 1974, has won multiple awards for her manga series Mushishi (1999-2008) including the Excellence award at the Japan Media Arts Festival and the Kodansha Manga Award in 2006. Her art styleContinue reading “Month of Art: Day 18, Art of Yuki Urushibara “

Album Review: No Place in Heaven 2015

   I have been waiting for this new album for three years. Mika is one of the few artists I actually follow. I was SOOO excited once I learned Mika finally released it.   Usually his albums are fun, with catchy background music and thought provoking messages. Granted not every song he released prior toContinue reading “Album Review: No Place in Heaven 2015”