Month of Art: Day 20, Lokia 

 This is one of four posts I will do for this artist. The reason. . . I loved WAYYY too many of their paintings. I know little to nothing about this artist. Like my Howl’s Moving Castle painting from one of earlier posts, they go by a pseudo name. Their sketch blog is called and their are HUNDREDS of their artworks there. 


It is hard to talk about an artist I know nothing about, but their artworks are so incredible I cannot resist. From what I can gather, they graduated with a degree in design and have been actively painting and creating art since 2011. 

Most of their works are done in watercolor and touched up through computer programs. They are obviously a fan of Japanese media and feature many figures from famous anime and manga. Though this is the case, their work is mature and overwhelmingly beautiful. 


Their best quality as an artist is their consistency. I saved picture after picture and still wanted to digest every painting they had done. That is rare for me. Their style is soft, graceful and very reflective. Their is so much symbolism! Sometimes I had to take a step back to study it out. 

Many of these paintings connected through their stories. The three most common were the spellmaker, two red headed twins and a white haired young man. Truly, these are artworks meant to tell a story. 


I will post as many paintings as I can. This is the only artist I will do this for. I believe these should be experienced. It is so rare to find such a consistent brilliant artist. I would not be surprised if they work for a big company or as an animation artist. 

Look forward to many more art postings.   



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