The Most Visually Beautiful Animated Films: 31-27

Sorry, it supposedly got posted about a week ago? Anyway, here it is again.

From the Perspective of an Old Soul

 (Background for The Jungle Book (1967) )
Here are the final five films for the first half of my list. I have just realized I have a lot of Japanese films on this list. No worries. The two greatest animation producers are Japan and the United States.

31. アニマトリックス Animatorikkusu (The Animatrix), 2003

(Note: I accidentally got the date wrong but am too lazy to fix my list. I feel no guilt for this. But my OCD will probably get the better of me before long.) Based on The Matrix Trilogy, it is an anthology of nine short videos on the Matrix’s backstory. Directed by The Wachowskis, who also directed the other Matrix films, it was a surprisingly bestselling direct-to-video addition to the franchise. No, I have not seen it and I doubt it would me much to me sense I have never seen any of the Matrix

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