Month of Art: Day 21, Avatar the Last Airbender Fanart (Part 1) 

I just finished watching Avatar the Last Airbender with my brother Marty Jr. After reflecting, I realized yet again how much I love the show. I will release maybe four or five subsequent posts related to it. This post will have fan art I collected from online. These are not ones I particularly like (That is for the next post) but I acknowledge that these are well done considering. 


Looking through Avatar fan art was an interesting experience. I never realized how many crazy/freaky fans there are. There were occasions where my eyebrows lifted into my hairline. I also broke out into hysterical laughter. This happened significantly actually. (Especially the “Zutara” fans. Seriously, they even had a name for it.) I also noticed there are A LOT of Zuko fan girls. (Good Golly, it was ridiculous!) I think girls like him because he is complicated and brooding most of the show. 

Obsessive behavior is never healthy, but at least it produces some nice artworks. I guess Avatar was especially inspiring for young, healthy fangirl artists. There were probably fan boys too. It is kind of hard to tell since none of them use their real names. How silly. Anyway, hope you enjoy this and the next few posts. 




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