Watch “Buster Keaton – The Art of the Gag” on YouTube

This is a really wonderful video about a wonderful film actor, stuntsman, director and film writer. This is Buster Keaton and he is one of my alltime favorite actors and people. Every film he ever did is fantastic and I wholeheartedly recommend him! 

Little side note. One day I was teaching my students about silent films. They all groaned inwardly…. and outwardly at the prospect of seeing one. Then I showed them clips from some of Buster Keaton’s movies and they insisted we watch all the videos in their entirey. Some were 20 minutes or longer! When I pointed out they liked scenes from movies over a hundred years old they looked at me and said….”But it’s funny.” Who knew! 

But really Watch his movies! They are fantastic! His dead pan face will never die! 


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