Blood Lad (2013): Rating 2/4

Poster for Blood Lad (2013)

As promised I am now rating things I read and watch with the system I explained a few days ago. (For more information, read this post —–> Click Here.)

The story takes place in the demon world where a nerdy territory boss named Staz wastes his life away immersing himself in Japanese culture. More than anything, he wants to go to the human world and meet a Japanese girl… So he can geek out. Well, he does meet one who happened to wander into the demon world through a door in her closet. (A sort of twisted Narnia situation.)

Hmmm, bad news, though. After being extremely attracted to this girl and running off to look cool and save his territory, a monster plant eats her human body, and she becomes a demon. Consequently, he does everything he can to bring her back to life. (for mostly selfish reasons.)

So. This anime was very much a watch it once and move on experience. It seemed interesting at the get-go, but the more I watched, the clearer it became I wouldn’t find anything interesting. As I watched it, I kept thinking, “Is this worth my time?”. Turns out, it probably wasn’t.

The hardest thing for me was the ecchi material and the oversimplified. I didn’t feel the need to root for anyone in particular, and none of the characters really asked me to. (Which is sad, but what can you do?)

Most of the show I stared at his baggy eyes….. Maybe I felt sorry for him…..

I can’t say the animation moved me aesthetically either. Though, I did seem to be very fascinated with the main character Staz’s baggy eyes. Besides that, there isn’t really much to say about my experience. It was senseless, wash over me entertainment.


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