AMV Countdown! 50-41

So, my brother and I are nerds; sometimes we like to go through and analyze amvs for anime. Does this have any particular purpose other than pleasure? Probably not. But! I’ve learned a lot about editing and recognizing great timing and musical direction. There are some great nerdy editors out there who have made fantasticContinue reading “AMV Countdown! 50-41”

My Favorite Anime/Manga Characters 10-1

This is going to be an emotional journey for me to go through these characters. These ten characters are the ones who feel like my good friends. I don’t know if you have ever encountered this kind of feeling before with fictional characters. For me, it’s as though they embody what I love and value.Continue reading “My Favorite Anime/Manga Characters 10-1”

My Favorite Anime/Manga Characters 20-11

Welcome once again as I continue forward with my nerdy list! Just like the other lists, I’ll talk about more of my favorite anime/manga characters. So far, it’s been an interesting journey. As always, feel free to click the provided links for the manga and anime I have listed. Also, I have two number 11’s.Continue reading “My Favorite Anime/Manga Characters 20-11”