Batman Mask of the Phantasm (1993): 4.5/5

This film was written in response to the incredible success of the first season of the original  Batman: The Animated Series, released in the 1990s. Distributed by Warner Bros. and directed by Eric Radomski and Bruce Timm, it did poorly in theaters, yet garnered fairly positive critical reviews. My memories of this movie are vague, but the story has haunted meContinue reading “Batman Mask of the Phantasm (1993): 4.5/5”

Memorable Moments in Animation: Shorts, 10’s, 20’s and 30’s

This blog post will cover many of the shorts and cartoons that I remember and recognize for their influence from the 10’s, 20’s and 30’s. This includes shorts from Silly Symphonies (1929-1939) and Merrie Melodies (1931-1969), the two most influential cartoon series of that time. Again, if there are any that you think should be listed here, tell meContinue reading “Memorable Moments in Animation: Shorts, 10’s, 20’s and 30’s”

The Art of Animation

I can’t think of anyone that watches, analyzes and loves as many types of movies as I do, or more specifically animated films and shorts. I often rant to my family members about the beauty of animation and how dissatisfied I am with people’s lackluster opinions of it.  It is part of my search for truthContinue reading “The Art of Animation”