AMV Showdown! Special Awards: Part 2 — So Many Thoughts

Continuing forward from where we left off, here is the second half of the special awards we chose for the AMVs we’ve looked through these last few months. Hope you enjoy! Let’s get started. Since we came across multiple AMVs that amplified the shows they showcased, it seemed appropriate to split the awards into two […]Continue reading “AMV Showdown! Special Awards: Part 2 — So Many Thoughts”

AMV Showdown! Special Awards: Part 1 — So Many Thoughts

Snapshot from Mushishi (2005, 2014) Sometimes with lists I make really great entries get lost in the shuffle called “Personal Preference”. So, to showcase some of the great AMVs I perused with my brother, here is a post dedicated to special awards in various categories. There will be multiple videos that win several awards. I’ll […]Continue reading “AMV Showdown! Special Awards: Part 1 — So Many Thoughts”

AMV Showdown: The Penultimate Top Ten — So Many Thoughts

We finally made it to what I call the penultimate ten! These are the AMVs with perfect scores that happened to also become some of me and my brother’s favorites. There are no rules for this list. In fact, they are listed based only on a tally we made of which ones we like better […]Continue reading “AMV Showdown: The Penultimate Top Ten — So Many Thoughts”

AMV Showdown: Top 23 from Tier 3 — So Many Thoughts

We have come to the last 33 AMVs who survived the last two rounds of cuts! Tier three is a bit complicated because there were SO MANY videos with all around perfect scores. So it became a matter of personal taste. However, not all the videos on this list have perfect scores based on three […]Continue reading “AMV Showdown: Top 23 from Tier 3 — So Many Thoughts”

The Most Visually Beautiful Animated Films: 26-21

It’s been awhile hasn’t it? Though I am not quite done with my Avatar posts, I wanted to continue with the top 51 most beautiful animated films. The movies will not be listed in chronological order, rather, they will be placed depending on my opinion. If I have missed any films feel free to tellContinue reading “The Most Visually Beautiful Animated Films: 26-21”