AMV Countdown 40-31

Welcome back to this AMV countdown my brother and I started on a whim while watching YouTube.

As a reminder, to get on this list, we looked for AMVs that scored 9-10 in the following categories:

Timing, Tone, Music Choice, Fluidity, Characterization, Aestheticism

Once we deemed an AMV up to par with these standards, we include the following categories to weed out the Great AMVs with the Excellent AMVs and later the Near-perfect AMVS. 

Promotional Value, Emotionalism, Using the Music/Lyrics to its Full Advantage, Personal Opinion

For this list, I’ll include the AMV, so you can watch it at your own leisure. To watch the amvs, click the photos and it will re-direct you straight to the source material. Let’s get started!

40. Violet Evergarden [Lovely], by PulseStream (2021)

We found multiple fantastic Violet Evergarden AMVs on our splurge and thought this particular one matched the overall tone in the anime great! Since the song matches the original tone from the show, it was very emotionally impactful.

It had a slight issue with pacing and sometimes it used writing, while other times it skipped it. We also didn’t quite know why there was a story within a story for this particular AMV, since it seemed to be focused mostly on the main character.

39. Butter, by Anime MV Sensei (2021)

My brother and I didn’t want to admit it but. . . this AMV has immaculate pacing and timing. I was floored by how well they incorporated dancing with the music. It was like a fan girl video whose only purpose is to showcase hot guys and girls.

Personally, the promotional value went down because of how many anime there are in the video. The CG was also confusing and slightly jarring at times, which makes it clunky even if it matches the music.

38. A Shared Path, by VideoBeats (2017)

Here is the basic gist of it. The timing, pacing, song choice, mood, tone, and story were all GREAT. It literally tells the anime’s story in three minutes effectively and showcases an already beautiful anime with mind boggling editing.

It makes an anime with poor pacing and tone look better. The only reason why it is down near the bottom of the list is because the ones above it have more technically impressive things. Also, emotionally, not as much of a connection for either of us.

37. Psychodelic Limbo, by KazKon (2018)

Okay, here we go. This AMV is technically impressive. Its timing and pacing actually build into each other and it utilized the song to its utmost. (It might be one of the longest AMVs on the list).

HOWEVER! It freaks both of us out and its ending is jarring and unnecessary. In other words, it’s not our thing but we want to put credit where credit is due.

36. Whoarriers, by Ileia (2014)

For a show I’ve never gotten the energy to actually watch because it looks boring, this AMV sure makes me want to finally see it. Its pacing and timing feel natural and the creator utilizes it content well with the song. (The characters look cool) I got excited watching it, which is weird for me because action anime don’t really get me excited, unless the animation is SPOT ON.

Now, it’s lower on the list because the video quality in one spot is weird. That’s it, but it’s enough.

35. No Friends, by Nerdstalgic

This one will be short and sweet. The creator utilizes the song well with many different types of characters and situations. As far as montages go, it’s one of the best at making it seem like all the anime belong in the same world.

Now, it doesn’t really have a resolution or direction. . . like its song. But this means the theme is not necessarily emotionally impactful as much as it is catchy.

(Note: The creator is not on YouTube right now so I can’t link in the video. 😦 )

34. A Hard Knock Life, by WhiteDex (2016)

Wow. This AMV represents this show to a T. Timing is some of the best I’ve seen and everything paced like it is part of the broadway show. Incredibly funny. I start crying while laughing multiple times.

That said, there are no major issues. It’s just not the best. There really is no emotional drive or direction beyond its humor.

33. Memento, by Padre (2018)

This AMV represents PTSD in an impactful way. Its pacing is almost godlike and it mixes regular life with images of trauma in a way that makes it more meaningful.

It’s so short and could have reached beyond the time allotted to it. Therefore, compared to ones above it, there is more you can show.

32. Vintage Misery, by Shin

Here’s the gist of it again. Its only real flaw is it . . . moves too fast. Action based AMV sometimes have so much going on they don’t take time to balance movement and stillness. It’s important for an audience.

Otherwise woo hoo! It’s great to see a wonderful Soul Eater AMV that isn’t garbled or full of ecchi references.

31. Renegade VERSUS, by Cenit (2015)

villain? resolution? Where is the climax?

Hello to the ONE Lupin AMV we could find that smashes! I’ve been a fan of this character since seeing the Castle of Caligriostro while going on my Hayao Miyazaki journey. To understand this AMV, you’ll have to take time to watch it. There are a lot of cool nuances added throughout that make it a great watch.

Now, its one issue is having a resolution, climax, and distinct villain.

Hope you enjoyed this list and found something new to love! See you in the next installment.

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