AMV Countdown 30-21

Welcome back to this AMV countdown my brother and I started on a whim while watching YouTube. 

As a reminder, to get on this list, we looked for AMVs that scored 9-10 in the following categories:

Timing, Tone, Music Choice, Fluidity, Characterization, Aestheticism

Once we deemed an AMV up to par with these standards, we include the following categories to weed out the Great AMVs with the Excellent AMVs and later the Near-perfect AMVS. 

Promotional Value, Emotionalism, Using the Music/Lyrics to its Full Advantage, Personal Opinion

For this list, I’ll include the AMV, so you can watch it at your own leisure. To watch the amvs, click the photos and it will re-direct you straight to the source material. Let’s get started!

30. Unity, by Lightraider

This amp utilizes the song 100% and flows like a dream. Some of my favorite moments in amvs come from this one because it has such beautiful, subtle pacing and emotionality.

What keeps it lower down the list is how it uses too many anime without equal representation. For this particular list, we have an expectation for the creators to use the anime to the fullest potential.

(Note: This is also a Lightraider AMV so it is currently unavailable on Youtube. I found a copy of it somewhere else. . . but its quality isn’t as good as it can be.)

29. This is Halloween, by Hagaren Viper (2012)

So, here we are. this AMV haunts on multiple levels but utilizes the song and anime to their utmost potential. Emotionality doesn’t just mean viewers are meant to feel sad or happy. In this case, its CREEPY and unnerving to watch.

That said, it is Creepy creepy creepy. I don’t like to watch it but I appreciate what it does well.

28. Ride or Die, by kyssifur (2013)

Based on the epically animated movie Redline (2009), this represents the films purpose, story, and drive almost perfectly. I FEEL COOL WATCHING THIS. In comparison to others it doesn’t have as interesting of a story and as a result is not as emotionally impactful.

However! It’s still one of my favorites even after all these years.

27. Mr. Sandman, by Wassup Yall (2018)

Wow. I’ve seen parts of this anime and even I can tell how well this encapsulates the story, characters, theme and mood. This amp is beautiful but SAD and hits in all the right places.

Compared to others, it isn’t as impressive by a very small margin. All in all, it has to do more with personal taste and slight emotional impact than its overall quality.

26. Emptiness, by HeardYouLikeAmvs (2010)

This is the only good Bleach amv we found ANYWHERE. The words to the song match the character Ulquiorra’s inner thoughts, which is a rare perspective for amvs in general.

The ONE thing pulling it down is the writing style at the beginning. Otherwise Hot dang its great!

25. Cosmic Love, by Trisieren (2020)

Of all the amvs we pursued, this represents the anime the best. Makes more sense in how they pace the images with the music. Song fits the tone and mood of the movie. Follows the story. Great buildup.

Now, this AMV won’t be as impactful for those who have not seen the movie. However! it is gorgeous and a feast for the eyes!

24. I’ll Be Good *A Silent Voice, by ZenK AMVs (2018)

This amv has fantastic pacing and made me cry the first time I watched it. I’m a big fan of A Silent Voice (2016) and thought this amv portrayed the main character’s journey beautifully. The climax is especially stunning.

Now, it’s lower down because of something very nitpicky. It uses writing for half of the amv and not the other half. (We had to be picky or else all of them from this point forward would be in first place.)

23. I’ll Be Good *Bungo Stray Dogs, by Jennifer Wilson (2017)

Now, this has the same title and song choice as the last one. We debated long and hard which deserved a higher ranking and chose this one because represents the character Dazai to a T. The song through well-choreographed movement tells his story. It has subtle, beautiful timing and great emotional and visual impact.

Why isn’t it farther up the list? Hmmm. . . just needs a bit more movement.

22. Prelude to Dreams, by Shin AMV (2011)

This is one of the best montage amvs out there! When I originally watched it I thought they all came from the same anime, or at least from the same studio. I was wrong. Which is great!

The only thing that brought it down was some weird problem my brother has with the cat on the pole in the middle of the amv. (Shrug).

21. Vesper, by DrPenguin (2018)

This might just have the best buildup out of anything on this list. It also has one of the best song choices and its editing could literally come from an advertising company for the show. Most importantly, it captures the horror and trauma of the world it a way new viewers won’t see coming.

It’s farther down the list because at times it jumps too fast to other parts of the story. Plus, it freaks me out.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to check out other parts of the list!

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