My Favorite Animated Movie Scenes: 50-41

I decided to compile a list of my favorite animated sequences to give myself a break. I have been doing a lot of research lately and need a slight reprieve from the heavy-duty topics I’ve recently posted. There will be fifty slots total that will range from technically brilliant sequences and emotionally rendered scenes. Let’sContinue reading “My Favorite Animated Movie Scenes: 50-41”

My Favorite Movies: 20-11

We are now coming to the point where animation starts overwhelming live-action. Three of the films are Hayao Miyazaki masterpieces. Hopefully, this list is enlightening for you and for me. 20. Anastasia (1997) This movie came out when I was six or seven years old. I loved it and even had a Barbie doll forContinue reading “My Favorite Movies: 20-11”

Memorable Moments in Animation: Above Average films (Part 1)

The next ten films are, in my opinion above average films that are beautiful and charming in their own way. Yet they still lack something. For Some it was a bloated plot. Others, characterization and screenplay. Regardless, each of these films generated incredible animation despite their imperfections. Each scene that I mention for the filmsContinue reading “Memorable Moments in Animation: Above Average films (Part 1)”