My Favorite Animated Movie Scenes: 50-41

I decided to compile a list of my favorite animated sequences to give myself a break. I have been doing a lot of research lately and need a slight reprieve from the heavy-duty topics I’ve recently posted. There will be fifty slots total that will range from technically brilliant sequences and emotionally rendered scenes. Let’sContinue reading “My Favorite Animated Movie Scenes: 50-41”

The Most Visually Beautiful Animated Films: 36-32

Most of the films in this next list I have not seen for one reason or another. May we both learn something new from this post!     36. Les Triplettes de Belleville (The Triplets of Belleville), 2003  One of two films directed by Slyvain Chomet I will mention on this list, this is one ofContinue reading “The Most Visually Beautiful Animated Films: 36-32”

My Favorite Movies: 30-21

More and more animated films will leak onto my list. Just a heads up.     30. Rebecca (1940) This is one of the few times where I loved the movie more then the book. Based on French author Daphne du Maurier’s novel Rebecca, many critics and Hitchcock fans consider this film to be one of AlfredContinue reading “My Favorite Movies: 30-21”