What Have I Been Up To? October

October was too short, as usual, but I actually had a lot of fun watching movies and shows and reading. Usually, I bog myself down with a lot of books and movies. This year, I went with the flow and tried to take unnecessary pressure off myself to read and watch a million things toContinue reading “What Have I Been Up To? October”

(風立ちぬ Kaze Tachinu) The Wind Rises (2013): Movie Review

“I wanted to create something that is realistic,          fantastic,              at times caricatured,                    but as a whole, a beautiful film.” (January 10, 2011 Hayao Miyazaki) I have been a fan of Hayao Miyazaki’s work for five yearsContinue reading “(風立ちぬ Kaze Tachinu) The Wind Rises (2013): Movie Review”