My Favorite Movies: 50-41

A few days ago my curiosity flamed when I saw yet another top movies list. What entertains us defines us, so I thought to myself, what movies define me? Eh. . . Maybe that is a little too philosophical. In all seriousness, I made this list keeping in mind the movies that changed my outlookContinue reading “My Favorite Movies: 50-41”

Senior Thesis Part 5: Metropolis (1927)

Discharged from his position as an infantryman during World War I in 1916, Lang worked as a scenarist for Otto Rippert, whose generated crowd and horrific laboratory inspired many of his films. Decla Bioscop hired him as a director in 1918, where he completed his earliest films Die Spinnen (1919) and Dr. Mabuse the GamblerContinue reading “Senior Thesis Part 5: Metropolis (1927)”