My Favorite Movies Since Coming Home

These are my favorite movies I have seen since May 2017. I had planned to write a review for each one, but realized I don’t have that kind of ambition. My mind moves on too fast. So, here is an easy access list. Hopefully you may discover something you haven’t seen before! These movies don’tContinue reading “My Favorite Movies Since Coming Home”

Month of Art: Day 22, The Background Art for Avatar The Last Airbender 

(Disclaimer! I am not an expert on Eastern architecture or painting but I will do my best to give correct information.) Another highlight of this amazing animated show were the hand painted backgrounds and scenery. In my review I stated, . . . the background art is breathtaking. Such care was put into designing locationsContinue reading “Month of Art: Day 22, The Background Art for Avatar The Last Airbender “

My Favorite Movies: 30-21

More and more animated films will leak onto my list. Just a heads up.     30. Rebecca (1940) This is one of the few times where I loved the movie more then the book. Based on French author Daphne du Maurier’s novel Rebecca, many critics and Hitchcock fans consider this film to be one of AlfredContinue reading “My Favorite Movies: 30-21”