Art Post: More From Lokia

From a true fan. Once upon a time, I found this artist’s paitings. All their artwork is absolutely beautiful and I highly encourage all to go and give this amazing artist your support. I believe they even have an artbook you can buy. This is their website: 

Month of Art: Day 22, The Background Art for Avatar The Last Airbender 

(Disclaimer! I am not an expert on Eastern architecture or painting but I will do my best to give correct information.) Another highlight of this amazing animated show were the hand painted backgrounds and scenery. In my review I stated, . . . the background art is breathtaking. Such care was put into designing locationsContinue reading “Month of Art: Day 22, The Background Art for Avatar The Last Airbender “

The Art of Anne Bachelier

 (This scene depicts the masquerade ball where the phantom appears, terrifying all with his threats and intimidating appearance. I think this shows the true extent The Phantom went to hide his appearance and seem unreachable. There is a deep sense of unrest in it as well, even as his cloak reaches ominously for the partygoers.)  Continue reading “The Art of Anne Bachelier”