The Most Visually Beautiful Animated Films: 51-47

  (Image from Tekkonkinkreet (2011) ) (Big announcement! There are now 51 films on this list. I could not decide which film to drop from my top 25 so I now have 26. I am sorry for the odd number.) Here is how this list will work. I will put the first 25 films in chronologicalContinue reading “The Most Visually Beautiful Animated Films: 51-47”

Cinderella (2015) Review 4.9/5

Directed by Kenneth Branagh and released March, 2015, Cinderella had worldwide commercial success, making five times it initial budget. Given that Disney for some weird reason has released various other live action remakes of their classic movies, I was not surprised when they announced this movie. After the remake Maleficent (2014) came out, I concludedContinue reading “Cinderella (2015) Review 4.9/5”