The Big Ten, The Paragon of the Animated World Part 1: Mise en scène or creating balance and vision

This is the official launch point for a small series of essays I call The Big Ten. These are the ten animated films from each decade that delivered masterfully well in Mise en scène. They become films with vision, balance, and purpose. This post will specifically explain what Mise-en-scène is, its place in animation, and how transcendentContinue reading “The Big Ten, The Paragon of the Animated World Part 1: Mise en scène or creating balance and vision”

Pinocchio (1940) Review, 3/4

Rather than criticize things I watch and read, I want to reflect and write about my overall experiences with them using a system I’ve adopted over the years. The questions I usually ask myself are these: What did I learn? How did I feel? How did it enlighten my mind? If you are interested inContinue reading “Pinocchio (1940) Review, 3/4”

The Most Visually Beautiful Animated Films: 51-47

  (Image from Tekkonkinkreet (2011) ) (Big announcement! There are now 51 films on this list. I could not decide which film to drop from my top 25 so I now have 26. I am sorry for the odd number.) Here is how this list will work. I will put the first 25 films in chronologicalContinue reading “The Most Visually Beautiful Animated Films: 51-47”

My Favorite Movies: 10-1

There is a small problem with this list. I have no idea what order these movies are in. I just cannot trust myself to put these into a concrete position. If you have followed my blog before, many of the movies you will recognize. For those, I will keep my comments a little shorter andContinue reading “My Favorite Movies: 10-1”

Memorable Moments in Animation: Shorts, 70’s to the Present

In  the beginning of the 1960’s, a new age of animation came to life and was set afire. This was the age of modern television and animated TV shows like The Flinstones, Scooby Doo Where Are You?, and The Pink Panther Show. By the end of the 1960’s, the popularity of animated shorts diminished because,Continue reading “Memorable Moments in Animation: Shorts, 70’s to the Present”