Welcoming Message

Hello! I was somewhat inspired by my sister Jessica to create a blog. If not for her I probably wouldn’t bother because I am lazy and I tend to keep my opinions to myself. However, I have realized that I a very passionate about certain things; mainly about quality entertainment and human expression through the art of storytelling. What I view as quality entertainment will probably confuse many. The basis of my opinions lie in my values and also in my education. I will probably seem harsh at times but despite everything I try to be fair to those who put in the effort to make what they did whether it be a movie, book or music. I hope you will find while reading these a way to differentiate between abysmal, mediocre, average, above average and exceptional created works. I will sometimes talk about music, but as a rule I don’t particularly like one artist but specific songs that they produce. This is because I am picky and I get bored very easily.    Now to important matters. I will be grading and reviewing on a scale from 1-5 for movies, books, music and TV shows (if I find one I like. I don’t tend to watch much cable television) on specific categories I believe are important in understanding and evaluating each work. Throughout all of these I will also put in something like a parental guide. If the books get really bad I will probably just burn them and not worry about giving you a review about it. I will just tell you I don’t think it is morally acceptable and proceed with my review. Those will probably be pretty short.

Movies: Characters, Plot (Which will include execution as well as overall message(s) of the story), Music, Cinematography/special effects, and Personal Enjoyment

Books: Characters/Character Development, Plot, Writing Style (author’s overall execution) and Personal Enjoyment.

TV Shows (same as movies)

Music: Tone, Execution (vocal technique/talent and instrumental), Lyrics and Personal Enjoyment

Even if people don’t read this, I think it will be nice to finally write down my opinions. May this be an enjoyable experience.


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