Month of Art: Day 21, Avatar the Last Airbender Fanart (Part 2) 

For this post, I will count down some of my favorite Fan Art for Avatar. This was hard. Not because there were too many to choose from. It was difficult to find any that impressed me. As I said before, the majority were Zuko fan art and “Zutara” love pictures. (There are too many poor people living in a fantasy world.) Let’s get started.

Oh, by the way. Finding all the original artists is pretty difficult because they do not have real names most of the time. Some of their fake names are pretty kooky too. But I will do my best.

16. (“Three Generations of Penguin Sledding, Part 1”, artist Isaia)

When I first saw this picture, it reminded me of traditional Chinese watercolors. Since the show is based on Eastern philosophy and culture, I thought this was a clever move by the artist.

15. (“Aang”, artist Quirkilicious) <—– see what I mean by weird names

My first thought when I saw this was “Whoa. . . . “. Compared to many others that I have seen, this is very mature. It also is not a passive picture. I like the “close to the action” feeling it has.

14. (“Princess Yue and Avatar?’ artist ?)

I like this one because it featured different subjects outside of team avatar (aka the five main characters). One of them is an Avatar. . . but I do not remember her name. The other is Princess Yue from Book one. I am interested to know why the artist made this picture. Too bad I have no idea who did it.

13.  (“Azula” by ?)

This artwork is very tranquil. I also like the play of colors. The lotus blossom was also a nice touch and very insightful. (As a sidenote: the lotus blossom is central to Hindu philosophy and a symbol of detachment.)

 12. (“Azula and Ursa” artist ?)

I like how this picture emphasizes Azula’s hidden problem: that she felt misunderstood and rejected by her mother. I do not justify her actions. (DEFINITELY NOT) but it makes her more human. Personally, I hated her for the better part of the series. Now, I just feel sorry for her.



11. These are two sketches I found of Aang. It will become more obvious as I progress that I like drawings done of Aang the best. (Well, he is my favorite character. I will explain why later.) To me, these particular pencil drawings are charming.

IMG_6899-010. (“Ying and Yang” artist nicholebrittany)

This picture was also a breath of fresh air. There is something charming about these two spirits swirling in a never-ending dance. I like the watercolors as well as the warm tone the artist used.

IMG_6904-0   9. (“Southern Raid” artist ?)

This looks like an old photograph capturing, in ways the show could not, the horror of the war. It reminds me somewhat of photographs taken during the Dustbowl in the 1930’s.


IMG_6900-08. (“Toph” artist Christen607)

This combined artwork screams “Toph is awesome!”. This is one of the few I  could find that looked realistic but at the same time kept the same spirit present throughout the series. For some reason, bending does not transfer well outside the series. I think this is because it is hard to get the body movements and positions right.

IMG_69027. (“Aang’s Wisdom” artist seiza-ronzo)

This picture embodies an important aspect of the show: that there are other ways of bringing balance and peace in a chaotic world. Mostly, I like how the artist presented Aang as a character and found a saying which embodies his personality.

IMG_6928-0                                                6. (“Azula” artist 0KiWi0)

I like the feeling of this artwork. It reminds me of those old adds from the 1920’s and 30’s for cosmetics. It makes Azula seem otherworldly and also showcases her culture.

IMG_6927-0                                                5. (“Zuko” artist TeamRAKENZAN)

About a month ago, I featured an artist Jung Shan in my Thirty Days of Art. (Click here to see ——-> HERE) This picture has a similar style, as a mixture of watercolors and vibrant coloring. It also seems like a picture grown from ink-drawn Kanji. 

4. (“Amon” artist Nathan Darkmere)

This is the only Legend of Korra picture I will dare post. I am still bitter about how the story was treated. Despite those hard feelings, I do love the first season of Korra especially for its ingenious villain. This artwork is amazing and portrays Amon’s detached cruelty very well.

IMG_6920-03. “The Four Elements” artist ?)

I love art like this which takes images from a story and mixes them together to create a neverending, flowing artwork. In the show, it emphasized that everything, even the four elements, are not separate but part of a bigger whole. Of course, this is what the Avatar represents. Anyway, I also liked the colors and parchment background.

IMG_6886-0   2. (“Avatar State”, artist ?)

This might be an artwork done by one of the show’s concept artists but I am not sure. (As of now, I do not own the artbook). I like how the paints were used as well as the chiaroscuro. (Deep contrast between light and dark). I especially admire how they did the fingers and arrows.

IMG_6898-01. (“Avatar state” artist ?)

This picture reminds me of the first time I ever watched the show and how excited I felt. I remember I really liked Aang and had never imagined anyone could conceive a story so complex and relatable. Part of me will never accept the new series because of how much I loved this original show, especially Aang as the Avatar.


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    What software do you use to paint??? I would greatly appreciate your response.



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