Len Tan, Art of Contemplation

Len Tan, otherwise penned as Magdalena Pagowska, is from Warsaw, Poland and is a digital concept artist. Beyond that, like always, I know very little.

Dark side of the moon, 2013

I am tempted as I look at their art pieces to wonder how they view life. Sometimes like in “The Dark Side of the Moon” I just sat in awe in their use of light and space. Other times, with many I did not post, I could see there is a disconnect between the spiritual aspect of art and the love of living. It is hard to explain. I would recommend pursuing their pieces individually.

After seeing Len yan’s artwork, I feel especially contemplative and will probably write more of my feelings in the future. But for now, feel free to look at their blog behance.net or their Deviant Art account.

Hindisght, 2016
Ashes, 2016
Identity, 2017
Confidant of Three, 2017
Patience, 2016
Loss, 2016
The Ascended, 2016
Specimen, 2016
Innocence, 2015
Saturnus, 2013
Night Dust, 2014
Introduced Species, 2014
Perseus, 2014
Hope 2015
Egocentrism, 2015
Eclipse, 2015
Long Way Home, 2015
Centauri, 2016
Overcast, 2016
Tutelarius, 2015
The Lands Unknown, 2015

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