Fantasy Oil Painting, Art by Michael C. Hayes

Away from the digital art for a change, I came across Michael C. Hayes’s oil paintings and thought he had some interesting artworks. Granted, many of them I thought had a lot of fan service, but I did find some hidden gems despite his obvious fanboy-dom.

Joie De Vivre, 2014

Many of them, like the pictures above and below, have such beautiful hues of red and gold. Honestly, I love the color palettes for so many of his paintings. They reminded me of the famous oil painting The Lament for Icarus by Herbert James Draper, one of my all-time favorites. Feel free to check out his website and his new published art book.

For the curious, The Lament for Icarus 1889, Herbert James Draper

Alegretto, 2014
Procession, 2014
Inheritance, 2014
Love Never Dies, 2014
Sentinel, 2015
Awakening, 2014
Lamentation, 2014
Exodus, 2014
Death of Arthur, 2014
Galadriel, 2014
Dawmbreak, 2015

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