Featured Book: As You Are (2008)

Overview: I am an avid fan of historical fiction writer Sarah M. Eden. Usually, she writes Regency Era romances. The third book in Eden’s Jonquil brothers series, As You Are, takes place in Regency Era England and focuses on the quietest of the seven Jonquil sons, Corbin. Completely smitten with a widow Clara Bentford, who recently movedContinue reading “Featured Book: As You Are (2008)”

Len Tan, Art of Contemplation

Len Tan, otherwise penned as Magdalena Pagowska, is from Warsaw, Poland and is a digital concept artist. Beyond that, like always, I know very little. I am tempted as I look at their art pieces to wonder how they view life. Sometimes like in “The Dark Side of the Moon” I just sat in aweContinue reading “Len Tan, Art of Contemplation”