Journal Prompts 3/27/23

What’s a secret skill or ability you have or wish you had?

Believe it or not, I was never much interested in superpowers as a child. I was quite content with being myself. It’s as I grew into an adult I found myself wishing to be something I wasn’t.

For most I think this comes in layers. It starts off innocently at first.

I want to be tall, fast, smart.

Then it becomes more complicated.

I want to be beautiful, thin, athletic.

By the time I was in my teens I wanted to be certain people’s girlfriend, better at music, better at sports, NOT fat, not blond, not really…. Myself.

I know this may seem too philosophical for this question, but I honest to goodness didn’t want to be myself. I had delusions and expectations of who I thought was BETTER than me so I tried, and failed, to be that.

I admire those who conquer these delusions and fears and I strive to move beyond them the older I get. It is ironic we have to relearn how to appreciate ourselves, because we are amazing, beautiful, miraculous beings.

The skill I would love to cultivate throughout my life is slowing down and appreciating who I am in the NOW. I know I’ll changed multiple times over so I want to stay focused on seeing this person, ME, and loving them.

So I guess the secret skill is self appreciation and kindness. Not particularly something you’d see in a comic book, but I think it’s attainable. 🙂

Happy Monday! Удачи вам!


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