Journal Prompts, 3/28/23

How often do you say “no” to things that would interfere with your goals?

When I read this question, I was taken aback. Normally, when it comes to goals and choices, it is more about making those goals and saying yes to good things that can change your life. This question is asking ME if I saw no to possible things that can keep me from achieving my goals.

I think it takes a lot of courage to make promises with myself and others to become better and change. Sometimes, it is very easy to to say things like:

  1. I will exercise everyday
  2. I will eat healthy
  3. I will to to bed earlier
  4. I will abstain from alcohol.

But it takes great perseverance to follow through with these goals. So I asked myself “What are my goals and how often do I need to say NO and persevere in order for them to be achieved?”

I thought of some important ones I have right now, which encompass my core beliefs and aspirations. Some are physical, some are spiritual, and some are emotional. I wondered how often I’ve fallen short because I couldn’t say NO to a temptation or easier alternative.

That is when it hit me. I hope when I make promises to myself and others and set goals in my life I have the courage to say no to anything that tries to keep me from achieving or keeping them.

I hope I have the courage to say no and stick to my guns when it comes to things like personal integrity, virtue, and honesty, even if it isn’t cool or the easiest thing to do.

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!


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