What makes you laugh? Journal Prompts, 4/1/23

What makes you laugh?

Oh gosh, I asked this same question not too many weeks ago to my students and realized how hard it is to answer! I really had to think about this one, because humor in and of itself is an enigma.

When I scrunch my eyebrows together really tight and mull over all the movies I think are funny, I think there are TWO types of humor that stick out for me.

  1. Anything with sound and music. Having Wagner’s music play while a fat horse carries Bugs Bunny, Kronk’s impromptu song while trying to dispose of Cuzco, Mr. Bean pretending to sing to an opera song in France, etc. This is the type of stuff that leaves me on the floor dying of laughter. I think this comes from my musical background because sound effects, noises, and music related humor gets me every time.
  2. Timing and Rhythm. Mortimer opening the window seat multiple times to confirm there is a dead body, Miles Morales slamming into the side of the train and slowing down enough to lift his head, The dancing hippo in Fantasia, etc. Everything I watch feels has an intuitive rhythm. When timing and rhythm come together in comedies I usually get so caught up in it I feel somewhat giddy.

Though I don’t go out of my way to watch comedy movies, I still thoroughly enjoy comedic moments. I often try and create situational humor based on what has happened during my day. This makes life somewhat more pleasant, even when things get pretty crummy.

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday and April Fools Day! (I forgot it was April Fools, so, jokes on me!)


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