Journal Prompts (4/20/23) How do you handle others grief in a healthy way?

How do you handle others grief in a healthy way?

In the school I work at, there was a little girl named Penny who died because of a car accident several weeks ago. I never knew her, or her family but today I’m part of a school community who are mourning her death.

When I heard about the incident, I prepared myself for a torrent of emotions I knew wouldn’t be mine. (I’m empathic, which means I often feel others emotions and take them upon myself without realizing it.) I wondered how I could properly honor this girl’s memory without being overwhelmed by anxiety and grief.

Yesterday was a little overwhelming. No matter how much I prepared my mind, heart, and body for the oncoming day I couldn’t escape the torrent of emotions flooding the school. Putting myself in the shoes of hundreds of students and dozens of teachers, it struck how powerful one person’s life can be on a community.

That being said, I’m glad the school decided everyone should stay home today. Coming how yesterday I felt the emotional and mental exhaustion from everyday teaching PLUS the aftershocks running through the school. When I got home I knew I needed to take time to sift through the emotions shifting through my body.

So today, I made a plan.

  1. Wake up when I NEED to wake up and not when I feel I SHOULD wake up.
  2. Do yoga multiple times throughout the day to release built up emotions and take care of my body.
  3. Go for a walk to get some sunshine.
  4. Follow through with the massage I have planned today.
  5. Clean your space while listening to calming music and stories.
  6. Read the scriptures, pray, and listen to council.
  7. Don’t worry about school work right now.

So far, I still battling a flood of emotions and thoughts but have followed through with most of my plans. I know I won’t be completely “better” tomorrow or that the sorrow felt throughout the school will go away. But I know in my heart I’ll be able to face these things better as I take care of myself properly.

My heart goes out the the girl and her family and aches for the many people trying to sift through their grief. That is why I’m taking today to let the grief sit down with me so I can move forward.

If any of you are also going through something similar today, I hope peace and love will reach you. Perhaps you can find your own ways of treating your physical, mental, and emotional healthy .

Goo luck and I hope you have a wonderful day!


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