My Favorite Movies: 10-1

I do not know how, but supposedly I published this on June 19th. Wierd. For future reference, I published it today, August 28th.

From the Perspective of an Old Soul

There is a small problem with this list. I have no idea what order these movies are in. Many were expecting me to place them accordingly but I just cannot trust myself to put these into a concrete position. If you have followed my blog before, many of the movies you will recognize. For those, I will keep my comments a little shorter and defer you to my review. Let’s delve into my mind shall we?

10. Howl’s Moving Castle (2005)

This is one of four animated films I listed so far in my Forgotten Masterpieces enstallments. Much of my love for the movie came from my first experience watching it. I thought it was magical and overwhelmingly spectacular. The animation is absolutely beautiful, bringing to life moments unseen in any other film.

I love its unassuming nature. The plot always denotes sad or frightening things but calmly rides through…

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