The Big Ten, Part 2: Look, creating a film’s mood and aesthetic

In this article, I will explain how style, backgrounds, and character designs create the look of any given animated film. Vision, the design or style to match the story Once animators have a story in mind, it is pivotal to strive for a particular artistic style or VISION to tell it well. Ralph Bakshi, whoContinue reading “The Big Ten, Part 2: Look, creating a film’s mood and aesthetic”

Review: Beauty and the Beast (2017) 

This movie was a big deal all over the world. I remember being in Russia and hearing about its release. Honestly, I was not excited when I knew they would be making it. For those who know me the answer as to why is obvious. I love the original 1991 animated film. It is oneContinue reading “Review: Beauty and the Beast (2017) “

Month of Art: Day 16 Concept Sketch 87 (1991)

(Concept Sketch 87 (1991), Glen Keane) I have talked about Glen Keane before so I will be brief. Born 1954 in Pennsylvania and the son of comic book writer Bil Keane, known best for The Family Circus, Disney recognized him as a Disney Legend in 2013. Winner of a myriad of awards including an Annie Award (1992) and the Winsor McCay Award (2007)Continue reading “Month of Art: Day 16 Concept Sketch 87 (1991)”

Beauty and the Beast (1991)

I did not think I would write this review for a long time. In fact, lately, I thought that perhaps I have written too many reviews on my favorite movies and my masterpiece collection. That was before I read the art book for Beauty and the Beast, written by Charles Solomon, and did the projectContinue reading “Beauty and the Beast (1991)”