Album Review: No Place in Heaven 2015

   I have been waiting for this new album for three years. Mika is one of the few artists I actually follow. I was SOOO excited once I learned Mika finally released it.   Usually his albums are fun, with catchy background music and thought provoking messages. Granted not every song he released prior toContinue reading “Album Review: No Place in Heaven 2015”

Reflection on the World Today: What entertains us DEFINES us. 

  (The Thinker, by Auguste Rodin)  These are just my personal thoughts. Many things have been nagging me for a long while now. There is no denying that often I feel alienated from those around me. Why do I feel this way?  It is not that I do not talk to people or have good relationships.Continue reading “Reflection on the World Today: What entertains us DEFINES us. “